Get Started

  • Need to sign in/up ChatInsight.AI account on your device.

1Create Knowledge Base with Your Own Data

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the ChatInsight backend. To ensure your chatbot meets your usage needs, you have to create knowledge base categories first.

    1. Step 1: Just simply go to the " ChatInsight.AI" section on the top. Navigate to the " Knowledge Base" on the left bar and click on the " New Category" button.
create knowledge base

Here, you can manage and edit your categories and knowledge base contents as needed.

edit knowledge base
    1. Step 2: Click the Category you just created, and add your data sources by writing, uploading documents, or importing webpages.
upload data process
    1. Step 3: It may take from a few seconds to 5 minutes depending on the file size during the parsing process. Once the parsing process is complete, click " " to check and modify your content. Then click on the “ Train" button on the top right to let the model train and learn from them.
train the chatbot

2Create ChatInsight Chatbot

After uploading data sources, you can set up specialized chatbots for various tasks by tailoring their roles, strictness, and other settings for an enhanced user experience.

    1. Step 1: Proceed to the " Bots" tab and click on the " New Bot" button. Here, you can give your chatbot a name that reflects its purpose or objective. Make sure it's unique and easy to remember.
create new bot
    1. Step 2: Customize your bot by completing: Basic Settings, Data Sources, Model and Prompt.

●Set Up Basic Settings: Configure avatar, first message, and example questions for your bot.

basic setting

●Select Data Sources: Specify the knowledge base you have created. This is framing the range of knowledge that your bot can answer.

Select Data Sources

●Choose Model: From here, you can set up your bot temperature and relevance of refences.

Choose ChatGPT Model

①Temperature: Set the temperature to determine how closely the bot adheres to your knowledge base.

②Relevance of References: You can determine how closely the chatbot uses references. 'Narrow' means the bot focuses on directly related data. 'Wide' means the bot incorporates a broader range of information for a holistic response.

●Set Up Prompt: From here, you can set up new rules to guide the outputs of your AI bot as needed. Please note that ChatInsight has already set up default prompt rules so it is optional if you do not have specific rules to set up.

set up prompt

3Chatbot Testing

The build-in testing tool allows you to test your chatbot's performances directly.

    1. Step 1: After setting up chatbot, you can test your chatbot by simply clicking your bot name, and enter into the chat screen.
test chatbot
  1. Step 2: Here, you can check whether everything works as intended before your chatbot connects with users. ChatInsight.AI can detect the language in which your users are communicating and respond accordingly, ensuring that they receive the information they need in their preferred language.

4Share ChatInsight Chatbot

Seamlessly integrate your chatbot with a shareable URL link, iFrame inlink embed, or popup widget embed, ensuring easy access for your employees or customers.

    1. Step 1: Click " Share" icon and " + New Share" button to cutomize bot’s style, such as the color, font size, to meet your brand needs.
New share in ChatInsight
    1. Step 2: Once you create a " New Share", you can click " </>" button to share it with URL, iFrame or Chat widget code.
embe chatbot
    1. Step 3: By clicking on " Security", you can safeguard your data by restricting bot access with passwords or IPs. Additionally, you can add the domains that are permitted to embed the bot.
restriction in ChatInsight

5Check Conversations History

    1. Simply click on the " Conversations" button to view all the conversations of chatbots and the references of bot's answers. You have the option to optimize documents in order to enhance the accuracy of the answers.
Check conversations history in ChatInsight

6FAQs about ChatInsight.AI

Is ChatInsight.AI free to use?
Yes, you can use ChatInsight.AI for free now. You don’t need to feed in any credit card details you use it either. Just sign-up and get started!
What data sources can I upload as the knowledge base?
In ChatInsight.AI, you have the flexibility to upload documents (currently supports Markdown, TXT formats), write/paste text, or insert the URL to create a unique chatbot.
I'm not technical. Can I just upload my documents and build the bot?
Yes, you can simply go to your ChatInsight.AI dashboard, and upload the documents to build your custom chatbots in minutes! ChatInsight.AI is a no-code ChatGPT chatbot builder requiring zero technical expertise.
Is my data safe and where is my data stored?
Privacy, Security, and Reliability are at the core of ChatInsight.AI, which means your training data uploaded is stored on secure and encrypted AWS servers, and never used to train any 3rd party AI Models.
What languages does ChatInsight.AI support?
ChatInsight.AI is inclusive and language-friendly, with support for 30+ languages. Even if the original document is in a different language, ChatInsight.AI can detect the language of the question being asked and respond appropriately. With ChatInsight.AI, your website will become a hub of conversation, no matter where your visitors are coming from.
What makes ChatInsight.AI different from traditional chatbots?
ChatInsight.AI differs from traditional chatbots in that it is powered by the state-of-the-art language model, chatGPT, from OpenAI, ensuring that you have access to the latest AI technology. It is specifically trained on your business data, allowing it to generate more accurate and contextually relevant responses to customer queries. In other words, it is capable of providing responses tailored to your specific business, rather than the generic responses you may see in traditional chatbots supported solely by ChatGPT. This significantly enhances the overall performance and personalization of the AI chatbot, leading to increased customer engagement, improved efficiency, and increased sales for businesses.

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