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How to Use the “Incorrect Answer Rate” to Enhance Your Chatbot’s Performance?

ChatInsight.AI's 'Incorrect Answer Rate' feature allows you to track the proportion of incorrect responses given by your chatbot. By tagging incorrect responses within 'Conversations' using 'Answer Correction Tags', you can pinpoint areas that may require additional refinement or training. This feature is a crucial tool for perpetually enhancing your chatbot's performance.

Note :
1. Administrators, along with any members granted the appropriate permissions, can view the 'Incorrect Answer Rate' of the corresponding chatbot.
2. This feature is included in the Standard and higher Pricing Plan.

1Tagging Incorrect Answers

The 'Incorrect Answer Rate' feature is intrinsically linked to the 'Tags' feature. To view the incorrect answer rate, you initially need to review the responses in 'Conversations' and tag the incorrect ones with 'Answer Correction Tags'. These tags are divided into four types:

- No Available Response

- Response-Reference Mismatch

- Partially Incorrect Answer

- Completely Incorrect Answer

Appointing Tags to Chatbot Respon

If you're unfamiliar with how to tag responses, click here for guidance.

2Access the "Incorrect Answer Rate" Section

Log in to your ChatInsight AI account. Go to the "Conversation" dashboard, and switch to the "Incorrect Answer Rate" Section.


3Data Reporting

On this page, you can see the 'Incorrect Answer Rate' in three formats: chart, bar chart, and data table.

At the top of the page, you can toggle between line and bar charts for a visual representation of the incorrect answer rate.

Further down the page, a data table provides a detailed breakdown of incorrect answer rates, offering a comprehensive view of your chatbot's performance.


4Data Dimensions

The 'Incorrect Answer Rate' feature provides data in three groups:

  • Total Answers, Incorrect Answers, Incorrect Answer Rate
  • GPT-3.5 Answers, GPT-3.5 Incorrect Answers, GPT-3.5 Incorrect Answer Rate
  • GPT-4 Answers, GPT-4 Incorrect Answers, GPT-4 Incorrect Answer Rate
  • This allows for an intuitive comparison of the total answers and error rates of different models, facilitating a comparison of incorrect answer rates across different models.

    5Viewing by Bot

    You can filter and view the incorrect answer rate for individual bots. Click the blue button in the upper left corner and select a different bot from the drop-down list.


    6Viewing Data for the Past Two Months

    The 'Incorrect Answer Rate' feature in ChatInsight.AI provides a comprehensive view of your chatbot's performance over the past two months. You can filter the data by specific dates for a more detailed analysis.

    Additionally, there are convenient buttons to quickly view data from the previous month or the following month, allowing for easy comparison of your chatbot's performance over different periods.


    7Exporting Reports

    You can export the incorrect answer rate data as a report for further analysis or record-keeping. Click the download button to commence the download.


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