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Unlock Your AI Powered Assistant

How ChatInsight Empower Your Company Anywhere, Anytime

  • Employee Support

    Provide new hires with quick access to your files, documents, Wikipedia, etc. as a training assistant.

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  • Customer Support

    Equip your support agents with all the assistance and FAQs they need to quickly resolve customer problems.

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  • IT Support

    Supercharge IT team with clear guides and practical tips, helping them resolve issues faster.

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  • Marketing Assistant

    Provide tailored content to users for diverse marketing objectives to achieve higher engagement.

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  • Sales Assistant

    Provide sales with instant access to client information and sales processes, so they can make informed pitches and sell confidently.

  • AI Business Card

    Share your personal contact details, links to social profiles, websites, and multimedia resources with AI-powered business card. Offering real-time updates and analytics to optimize networking and professional connections.

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Employee Support Customer Support IT Support Marketing Assistant Sales Assistant AI Business Card

What ChatInsight Can Bring You

ChatInsight turned out better than I was even expecting! By incorporating knowledge like Company Policies, Talent Development, Employee Benefits, etc, into our HR Chatbot’s database, we enable the bot to automatically provide comprehensive and accurate information that streamlines HR services and enhances employee communication within the organization.

Chloe Bridges
Chloe Bridges
VP of HR

ChatInsight is a game-changer for IT departments. We've uploaded all our technical manuals and troubleshooting guides, and it's been incredible to see how efficiently it's learned and provided instant answers to technical queries. Our team can now focus on more complex issues, as ChatInsight handles the basic questions.

An IT Engineer

By feeding it our marketing strategies, campaign details, and product information, it's become a powerful tool in our customer engagement process. It provides instant, accurate responses to our potential customers, improving their experience and our conversion rates.

Vacca. C
Vacca. C
Senior Marketing Manager

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