• Rugline Technology, a pioneering company specializing in the R&D and production of military-grade rugged terminals, industrial handhelds, and mobile IoT devices, has expanded its reach to nearly 100 countries and established close to 200 strategic partnerships through relentless innovation and commitment to excellence.
  • With the rapidly growing business, they need to deal with a high volume of inquiries everyday. To ensure prompt service for their clients, Sales Director Sabrina sought an AI-driven solution to enhance her team's efficiency. She chose ChatInsight's AI-powered chatbot as a long-term strategy.

The Challenges

Our sales team expanded from 6 to 20, yet we still struggled to keep up with the global influx of inquiries.


Sales Director at Rugline

Rugline's worldwide operations meant they had to cater to customers across various time zones and languages. Even the most capable employees couldn’t master all languages or stay online 24/7.

Rugline previously tried conventional chatbots, but they failed to handle inquiries effectively. These keyword-based bots could only provide rigid responses based on preset questions, making it impossible to address customer queries accurately. This was especially challenging in the industrial sector, where customized services are essential. Within a month of using conventional chatbots, conversion rates showed no significant improvement, and complaints increased by 18%.

Moreover, Sabrina revealed that besides the issues mentioned, such as time zone differences, language barriers, and lost orders, Rugline also faced significant training gaps.

The Solution

Realizing that hiring more staff or sticking to conventional chatbots wasn’t viable, Rugline adopted ChatInsight’s AI chatbot to manage the growing number of customer inquiries efficiently.

“ChatInsight’s AI chatbot has been the best solution I’ve experienced. In just three months, our team’s performance improved by 28%,” Sabrina noted. Unlike previous chatbots, ChatInsight’s AI only required a business document to provide accurate, natural responses in real-time. It even interacted with clients in their languages, significantly boosting efficiency and service quality.

The introduction of ChatInsight's AI chatbot transformed the working model of the Rugline team. ChatInsight has now become an indispensable member of their team, tirelessly providing immediate and effective solutions to the growing number of customer inquiries. The Rugline team is now confidently serving their rapidly expanding customer base and is excited about ChatInsight's ongoing improvements. Rugline believes that ChatInsight has not only increased efficiency in handling simple queries but has also enabled the team to manage complex inquiries more effectively.

ChatInsight solution for Rugline Technology

Overcoming Obstacles to Success

Every collaboration has its hurdles, and Rugline’s partnership with ChatInsight was no exception. “Initially, the AI chatbot occasionally generated incorrect responses.” Sabrina added. “Thankfully, our team didn’t rush to deploy the chatbot on our website. We tested and adjusted the knowledge base content. After three iterations, its response accuracy reached 98%.”

Sabrina explained that striving for 100% automation wasn’t their goal. They didn’t want clients always interacting with impersonal AI, especially since AI can’t fully replace humans in the industrial sector’s customized services. Rugline uses AI to enhance the user experience while retaining human agents, especially for custom service requests, and monitors AI interactions to evaluate response accuracy.

Key Results

  • ChatInsight handles 80% of inquiries.
  • Conversion increased by 28% within three months.
  • Customer retention rates rose by 17% .

With ChatInsight’s support, Rugline successfully deployed an AI chatbot on its website, creating automated interactions that significantly reduced operational costs and boosted customer conversion and retention rates.


Rugline Technology, a pioneering company specializing in the R&D and production of military-grade rugged terminals, industrial handhelds, and mobile IoT devices.


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