Turn Every Customer Touchpoint Into An Opportunity

Share your details with anyone, wherever you go, in a memorable way.

Innovative First Approach

Digital Presence

Innovative First Approach

Connect with your customers or potential partners on your behalf, at any time, in any language, sharing information such as:

  • Contact details
  • Company service and product information
  • Other information like personal schedules, social media, and more.
Effective Further Interactions

Engagement Strategies

Effective Further Interactions

Foster meaningful interactions and deeper connections with comprehensive relationship insights.

By collecting customer inquiries and preferences from AI conversations, you can:

  • Re-engage and awaken dormant users with pleasant icebreakers.
  • Refine marketing strategies and product development.
All-in-one AI Assistant

Operational Efficiency

All-in-one AI Assistant

Handling everything from managing schedules to basic reception tasks alleviates the burden of repetitive and mundane work. This allows you and your teams to focus on the more critical aspects of your jobs.

Your Business, One AI Business Card Away

It is a digital, updatable, and interactive networking tool that offers analytics and customization advantages over traditional business cards.

Contactless Sharing

Share through QR codes, URLs, or social media.

Instant Alerts

Receive real-time notifications for any interaction.


Personalize to match your brand or personal style.

Analytics and Tracking

Track conversations to collect contact preferences.

Always Accessible

Quick & convenient access to your AI business card.

Easy to Update

Update your AI business card in real time.

Who Needs ChatInsight AI Business Card

Business Network

For entrepreneurs and business owners to effectively establish connections, immediately showcase and provide relevant information based on the customer's specific needs at any time.

Sales Consultants

AI business cards enhance sales contacts and the ability to follow up on new sales leads, effectively converting potential customers into long-term, valuable customers.

Real Estate

In sharing property information with buyers, real estate agents can also use AI business cards to redirect buyers to video tours of available properties, allowing for virtual visits to properties for sale.


Incorporate AI business cards into your overarching marketing strategies to enhance email marketing campaigns by adding them as signature add-ons for instant access to contact details and social media links.

Insurance Agents

The AI business card solution is transforming the insurance industry, including a range of sub-sectors, such as healthcare and property insurance, by leveraging big data to win new business and handle claims more efficiently.

Event Organizers

For events, AI business cards are designed to enhance event execution, boost attendee engagement, and increase overall business success by improving networking opportunities through the use of artificial intelligence.

Build and Grow your Network with AI Business Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an AI Business Card?

The ChatInsight AI business card is a personalized AI business card that integrates an individual's profile, company information, product details, schedules, and other predefined content. It functions as a chatbot specifically trained for particular purposes, utilizing a private knowledge base.

2. How to Share My AI Business Card?

You can share your AI business card by attaching it to email signatures, posting on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, generating a QR code for easy access, sending it through messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram, or embedding it on your personal or company website.

3. What is the Benefits of AI Business Card?

The advantage of creating and using an AI business card is that it can conduct preliminary communication on your behalf with clients or potential partners, providing company information, product details, contact information, schedule arrangements, and any other information that might interest them in any language at any time. This method is innovative and efficient, offering customers a convenient way to access information whenever they need it.

4. How do AI Business Card Work?

ChatInsight's algorithm reviews the uploaded knowledge base materials, identifies crucial information, and trains the AI model to comprehend and respond to questions pertinent to this data. Consequently, AI Business Cards can address queries in a manner that is both coherent and precise, mimicking a personal interaction with the customer based on the supplied information.

Alex Bennett

The use of AI business cards has significantly benefited our business by enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of contact information, and reinforcing our professional image, boosting our competitiveness and supports ongoing business growth.


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