From Query to Solution Faster with AI for Internal Support


Simple Start for New Hires with AI

Transform the way new employees merge into your company. Instead of navigating a maze of information or awaiting colleague feedback, they’ll receive direct, clear, and accurate answers from our AI chatbot, ensuring a smoother, faster onboarding journey.


AI Ally for Everyday IT Problems

Say goodbye to the tedious hours spent deciphering tech issues. With ChatInsight, quick and efficient chatbot solutions are at the fingertips of every employee. This AI-driven tool simplifies tech support, turning prolonged downtimes into moments of quick fixes.


Quick Understanding into Every Company Information

ChatInsight revolutionizes how employees access internal information. From daily announcements to intricate policy details, the AI chatbot rapidly presents the needed data. It's no longer about searching; it's about asking and instantly receiving.


Information Access

Reduce employees’ learning costs and maximize productivity


Productivity Boost

Reduce repetitive questions, enhance processes


Average Accuracy

Excels in understanding user intent

Cut The Employees Learning Curve with AI Co-pilot

employee support feedback of ChatInsight chatbot

Employees didn't know where to go to get things. Our employees sometimes were finding incorrect or outdated information from somewhere. ChatInsight turned out better result more than I can expect!

Jerome Morrow

Human Resource Manager