How to Create an AI Business Card?

ChatInsight can be tailored to create personal AI business cards. Lerarn how to create your own AI business card with ChatInsight here.

How to Manage Knowledge Base Category in ChatInsight.AI?

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How to Use the “Compare Documents” Feature to Optimize the Knowledge Base?

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How to Use the “Incorrect Answer Rate” to Enhance Your Chatbot’s Performance?

The 'Incorrect Answer Rate' feature on ChatInsight.AI is a powerful tool for boosting your chatbot's performance. It allows for tagging incorrect responses, providing an in-depth data analysis, and exporting data for further examination.

How to Use Tags to Evaluate the Quality of Chatbot Responses?

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How to Use Team Notes in Conversations to Enhance Team Collaboration?

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How to Make the Responses of Chatbot Display Media?

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How to Optimize Chatbots by Checking Conversation?

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How to Train Your Chatbot to Respond to Different Emoji to Show Personality?

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How to Set up Member Permission for Chatbots?

Setting up member permissions allows you to control the level of access and functionality of each member. Here's a guide on how to set up member permissions on ChatInsight.